As Randy Warpshot (Andy Warhol) 1974
A Policeman's Lot. dir. Gerry O'Hara

Fellini shooting 'Casanova 1978

The Devils

Ken Russell's The Devils with Oliver Reed

The Devils

London Connection/
Diamonds on Wheels1979

Weston in Sam Shepard's Play
'The Curse of the Starving Class'
Royal Court Theatre London 1979?

'Feste' in Shakespeare's
Twelfth Night 1973
Bankside Globe Theatre

with Author/brother in 'Hallo Sailor' at the
Soho Poly theatre 1975. dir. Robert Walker

at the 'Almost Free' Theatre, London.  
The Ardens 'The Non Stop Connolly Show'

'Diamonds on Wheels' Disney 1972

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